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SongTrees Academy
The SongTrees Academy provides bespoke and open application Programmes of learning and tuition to nurture and support the talents of young musicians.  Our Programmes and workshops are delivered by our team of highly qualified and well-respected music professionals.  They are designed to enhance the musical abilities of young musicians and provide guidance on options for maximizing the progression routes open to them.

The work of our Academy is suitable for talented young musicians at all stages of their musical development.  We have successfully delivered projects, Programmes and workshops with those at the early stages of recognizing and building on their talents, and have also worked extensively with young talented musicians developing their confidence and leadership abilities.

We have our own recently refurbished music studio and workshop facilities where we deliver our tuition, events and performances.  Our Courses are open to young musicians to broaden their musical experience. Sessions include tuition and rehearsals with resident accompanist; instrumental individual / group sessions; one-to-one sessions and coaching; instrumental individual / group sessions; musical movement workshops; vocal workout classes and song-writing sessions, as well as special sessions with guest speakers such as, Paul Harris and Jonathan Willcocks on 'Practice' and 'Ensemble Skills'.